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How to create your own Crypter?


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Ok, I know this question is an old one.

I know that c++, c, c#, python, and bla bla bla programming languages. My real problem is, not so much the coding part of it.

But let's say I'm a programmer already, but If I don't know how exactly crypters work, or I haven't seen an example code of one, I won't even know where to start.

This is precisely where I need your help. I need a full code of an example crypter working. No it doesn't have to be FUD. I just want to know how the process of the code should run, so I can then make my own.

I've been looking online, but the only think I find online is charts of how the process is made, but not the actuall code of the crypter.

Thank you.

Best Regards

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