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  1. Here is the deal I was testing what would happen if someone was able to get into one of the regular user accounts through ssh on a "server" in fedora. To make the test more realisticly I created an apache server, with php, sqlite, ssh server, ftp server, and so on. I was able to exploit the ssh server. I am in a low privileged user and all I have is a shell. How can I continue forward with the attack since I am a regular user? maybe there is something I can upload to the ftp and come back with an escalated shell? Thank you Best regards
  2. halfway into being able to route the traffic, I got already two interfaces up and running, and still able to access the internet
  3. I once tried to use fedora on my laptop, and for some reason it gave me problems. Another time I had a class on fedora, and it was giving problems to everyone in the vmware. Now I have fedora again in another class, and is giving me problems, so that is why I hate fedora.
  4. Okay, so following previous training I had I decided to do the following to try to get around the problem... I installed in the vmware a second interface, one will be connecting to the internet the second one will be a subnet. After this, in theory it would be a matter of routing the traffic from the subnet to the one connected to the internet. I am having a little struggle with it but it should work
  5. I need the internet to install the packages like, SNORT, apache, dhcp, DNS, updates, SSH, File server, and test it after worth that indeed it works. That sounds like a viable solution, it might need testing as you said, because the dhcp may kick in the one connected to the wireless. I think I'll try that, nothing to loose right? n.n I think I mentioned it. I would rather ubuntu, but the teacher wants STRICLY fedora, which I hate. If I was using ubuntu, I honestly wouldn't be asking here how to do it, because I already know ubuntu :P
  6. Thank you for your prompt reply. I never like to disclose personal information but ah WTH, I am attending to ITT Technical Institute as well, let's just keep the rest secret :P The reason why the question came up in the first place, is because unlike your associates, for some reason they didn't teach us fedora back then that well besides permissions and file handling, nothing of systems administration. I am very versatile with ubuntu, but fedora I don't like it to begin with haha. Now, If I set up the DHCP and set the vmware to host only, that would solve indeed the problem of the DHCP interfering with the local Wifi, but that also will unable me to connect to the internet in the vmware, which is something I need. Do you have any other solution, or is there another way to set the vmware in Host only and still being able to connect to the internet? Thank you for further assistance
  7. Hello friends Long time I didn't come by so I figure to stop by to get some help figuring out some questions in regards Fedora 20. The reason why I am initially doing this is because is part of a project for the school and that is the operative system the teacher decided for us to use for the project. So I downloaded the iso, loaded it into a vmware everything cool. The project goes as follows; -Install VMware == done -Install Fedora latest version (20 desktop) === done -Install DHCP to use as a server (odd) == done, needs configuring -Install DNS server to use as a name resolution in the network (odd) -install Apache -create a small website to proof the concept of apache -install SSH -install FTP -install Snort (Wow) so with this in mind comes my first question to you guys 1 Question I wanted to clarify in the forum if all those roles, and tasks can be done in fedora desktop instead of using a linux server? 2 question Now, while installing the DHCP role in the fedora, I ran into a redundancy problem. My laptop is running ubuntu. Is connected to "home" wireless which is my home, managed by a router with DHCP. I could technically tell the router to stop leasing IP and shutdown the DHCP role in the router, for the Fedora role to take over. I don't want to do it because my wife and kids would kill me LOL So I thought, I could just do a subnet. Ah brillian idea, problem is how would I go ahead and do that? (I am as good as a monkey with fedora) how would I have to set up the network in the vmware to do the subnet and still have access to the internet in fedora so I can install the packages and all that good stuff? I am assuming it has to do with IPTABLES in ubuntu and fedora, I am not totally sure how though. Thank you so much for your answers.
  8. Ok, I know this question is an old one. I know that c++, c, c#, python, and bla bla bla programming languages. My real problem is, not so much the coding part of it. But let's say I'm a programmer already, but If I don't know how exactly crypters work, or I haven't seen an example code of one, I won't even know where to start. This is precisely where I need your help. I need a full code of an example crypter working. No it doesn't have to be FUD. I just want to know how the process of the code should run, so I can then make my own. I've been looking online, but the only think I find online is charts of how the process is made, but not the actuall code of the crypter. Thank you. Best Regards
  9. That payload is to only open a port on the system you want to get in. You send that file to the Windows xp machine, in this case, and then you run it locally (inside of the windows xp machine) After that, scan the machine with nmap, you'll see that there will be a new port opened on the windows XP machine. That port will now be accepting a remote session from your metasploid, that you will have to manually activate. That's pretty much what it does. Best Regards
  10. 1.- Try the actual full url AFTER you wrote in your browser www.hotmail.com, the url to copy now would become... https://login.live.com/login.srf?wa=wsignin1.0&rpsnv=11&ct=1374105749&rver=6.1.6206.0&wp=MBI_SSL_SHARED&wreply=https:%2F%2Fmail.live.com%2Fdefault.aspx&lc=1033&id=64855&mkt=en-us&cbcxt=mai 2.- Notice that if you try facebook.com, the login is different from the actual login page with SET. for example when you write facebook.com in your browser you get the login at the top, but if you use SET you get the login on the middle. I think, I THINK... is because java scripts, cookies and all that stuff that SET won't be able to copy. What that in mind, is not surprise that you can't copy hotmail directly. Best Regards
  11. At some point you'll have to learn how to create your own crypter on your own any how. I will suggest you to stop relying on someone else work, and get on the computer and start to coding on your own. Because like you said, there's no FUD meterpreter for now, and guess what? as soon as there is, it will get flagged. You know why? because AV developers get paid for that. You honestly think, for even a second, that they don't check on the latest updates for well-known software of the likes of Metasploid? As soon as someone uploads a FUD, it will go straight to the lab of some AV product, BUT if you make your own, you will only know how to do it and how to get rid of it.
  12. No problem my friend, Welcome to the Security world. Once you learn the basics, questions will start arising from your mind by themselves such as "Okay, I know what a virus is... but how does it work? how can I stop it? is a virus capable of doing this or that?" so further. But for this questions to be automated you need to fully understand the basics. Like I said, study that, and we'll address you to the next steps. Good luck
  13. Okay let's see. I'm going to tell you what other people will tell you in this forum and many many others. SAINT GOOGLE. It never get's old, and it contains any information you may be looking for. I will recommend topics such as, but not limited to: IP networking Networking Protocols Ports Firewalls NAT Security Products What is a virus? What is a worm? What is a trojan horse? What is a rootkit? What is a spyware? What is a malware? What is a keylogger? and be EXTREMELY curious (sorry for the capitals, but I just can't stress enough this requirement ) Yes the topics are extremely simple and basic, but like my martial arts teacher said, "without a proper root, the three would fall" Never get tired of asking questions, let me quote once again, this time my teacher of computers "I rather look stupid and ask questions, than be a stupid with a question" After you learn those topics better than you know yourself, come back for more topics. (this topics should give you enough to study for a couple of months if you really look in deep on each topic) If you have a particular question in regards to security, don't hesitate to contact me. No I'm not the best, not even close. But I have been doing research of security related stuff for like 7 years. So I do know where to find the answers. I'm currently enrolled on my bachelors program of Information technology and cyber security. I'm a network systems administrator already. Best regars
  14. I think I got it, let me know guys if I'm wrong. If I'm right I propose this threat to be edited and pinned because I've seen a lot of people having problems with this and no direct or working answer, I already look everywhere on this forum, internet, I memorized the Guide for the pineapple, and the answer is nowhere to be found, which kind of sucks. You have to ssh to the pineapple; on windows can be with a program like Putty. Once you are in you need to move to the root directory cd in pineapple cd in logs and ls to show the logs you find the one you want to take a look at and then you cat to whatever log you want to look. The commands would look like this cd / cd /pineapple/log/ ls /------look for the log you want-------/ cat "log you want to look".log Am I right?
  15. I have no clue why he is doing it, but If he needs help I'll just answer his question and that's it LOL
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