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[Question]Slow file execution/transfer speed on C_Duck FW

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Hello there

I have a question about the data traffic transfer/execution speed on a Rubber Ducky with C_Duck (Composite Ducky) Firmware on it (V2.1), well everything runs like i wish, but when it comes to execute .exe files, which are stored on the microSD of Ducky (like a mule) are slow as hell, and the key to victory is running these files as fast as possible so the job is done in like 2-3 Secs, the files are started over a batch file that locates the Ducky Drive automaticaly (Inspired by a Password sniffer Payload from Mr.Gray in the forums) and runs 4-8 exe files (depending on the job), when i copy the exe files and the Batch file on a regular USB 2.0 stick, and run the batch file by dbl. clicking it myself the job is done in 1-2 seconds.

However, if i plug in the ducky and the batch file starts automatically, the CMD window of the batch file is open for about 10-15 seconds, thats about 10 times slower than a regular USB stick.

So my question, maybe somebody else allready found a better way, is:

-Is there a better Firmware if i want to use the Ducky as Mule? (running one payload is enough, no need for enject2/3.bin)

-Is there another way with a web server for example, something like a web based password sniffer, so ducky can execute it from there

-Or maybe a hardware solution, like high speed microSD card?

except from that, i am very happy with the rubber ducky, its like a little cyber-nuke for home use hehe

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Another thing you could do is simply attach both the ducky and a separate USB stick to a 2 port USB cable splitter, and speed things up that way. The USB stick will mount almost instantly, and the ducky should be able to execute things off the USB stick right away. It would be really awesome if we could incorporate this functionality into 1 board this way, and still get the fast execution.

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