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[Encoder][KeyMap]DE_ch Keyboard layout (Swiss german)

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UPDATE 07/03/2013: Fixed a big problem, the backslash wasn't working on v 0.9b, please update to 0.9.1b, still a few bugs around. You can also change the Backslash entry by copy & paste:

// 92 \


I recently created a ch.properties file since the de.properties file is very different from the Layout in Switzerland, the official name for this Keyboard Layout is DE_ch / the one de.properties uses is DE_DE.

Well, heres the Link if anyone has questions just ask.

Git Link: https://gist.github.com/powerslaver85/5908465

Homepage: http://www.powerslave.ch/?p=146

The description is written in german, well i don't think someone who doesn't speak german uses a german Keyboard layout, so... Viel Spass



Visit http://www.powerslave.ch

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cool, but beware, the Euro symbol (€) and some french/roman letters still don't work, however none of them is important for programming and ducky stuff.

éàè however should work!

Tested the ch.properties file yesterday with a Wallpaper-Prank payload, worked well, only had to make some adjustments since my windows is german and the "Menu --> XY" shortcuts are different there.



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