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Found some nostalgia while moving....


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Well, it is official... I am getting old. Check these out...



If you guys remember these... you might be getting old, too. Also found a "Tiger Software" magazine with ads on the cover for After Dark 3.0... Should I send them to Darren? Kind of want to keep the disks for nostalgic purposes. Let me know if you guys/gals think if I should send this in... be a damned shame to waste the postage.

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You might like this then, if your a real McAfee fan(the man, not the software)

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Digip; You always seem to find material that makes me giggle... but this guy... LOLZ... where in the f*ckin hell do you find this crap? I love his tatoo... George Clooney-esque from Dusk Till Dawn... minus running up his neck. Too funny.

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