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Can someone crack my WPA handshake?


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I have WPA handshake which i am having difficulty cracking since i don't have a Wordlist/Dictionary and I can't download a wordlist/dictionary since my current internet is limited to 2 GB per month and i need atleast 10GB to download a good wordlist :( . So the is anyone willing to crack my WPA for something in return? I cannot offer money though but i can offer something else. (Such as a month's free webhosting / Unlimited traffic and unlimited space ) And by the way , The Wifi from the which the WPA handshake was extracted from is Indian. Which means that the password will possibly be a indian name such as Sri vishnu or Jayashree or something like that. The first one to crack my WPA handshake will be rewarded with a smile. ^_^

<content removed due to OP admitting that this is illegal>

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#1 - Not the most legal thing to do, ask someone to crack someones wifi for you without permission, so I don't expect many takers.

#2 - Best bet, upload to a a site that sells the service and pay to have it done for you which will be a lot faster.

#3 - Do it yourself with Backtrack(or Kali) and hope the wordlists they have on disk(they have worked for me in the past actually for weak passworded devices), will work with Aircrack-NG to find your pass-phrase.

#4 - You can also use the OCLHashcat site and upload your pcap, then download a compatible hash file for loading in OCLHashcat for cracking yourself if you have a decent GPU (Hashcat is also on both BT and Kali, but you can download the OCLhashcat installer and just let it bruteforce the file for you and also works using your CPU if you don't have GPU capable device, use hashcat).

Good word lists, don't have to be 10GB files, they are usually compressed zip files or rar files with specific words and you only need files with words of 8 characters and longer for WPA cracking. Anything under 8 characters, is useless for WPA cracking, since they need to be 8 or longer.

If you can script it, passwords are often phone numbers or serial numbers of the devices in sequential order, if setup by an ISP. I did this for my wife's work (family owned business, she works for my brother-in-law) and was easily cracked using my crappy laptop and just the CPU under Aircrack-ng in 25 minutes.

Number lists of 8 characters and up to like 10 characters or more, are usually way smaller when compressed than you would think, and are only 10GB after they are uncompressed so if you see a wordlist that is already 10GB compressed, send me a link because its most likely, its not a txt file, and is probably rainbow tables for using with Cowpatty or something else.

Good place to search for free wordlists, pastebin (which will have most common password lists from a lot of places) and Packet Storm which has everything from dictionary wordlists and name files for various languages to cracked database passwords from things like Rockyou, Facebook, and more and are relatively small compressed files compared to what you would think. Used with the masking features of hashcat in combination with the hash file created from their site, you'll be able to crack the password yourself, it just takes time, and same time for anyone else to do it to, which is why I say, option #2, is your best bet.

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Thank you for the quick response. I truley appreciate it. :) , However I am gonna reconsider using hashcat for the cracking purpose , I have gone over the download resources and the download of hashcat takes 41.4 MB and from what you said that , I would need a extra MB or even GBs . The main reason i am asking someone to crack my WPA handshake is , I seriously don't have many options left. That was the only option , and yes i am aware of this being illegal , but i might as well try ^_^ From what you have said , #2 is the best bet. But for me , Option 2 is the last option i would look on to , looking over to my resources and what i have ^_^ , So Hashcat , Overall , For all the downloads of hashcat downloads and the files , It would definetely take more than 1GB right? Is there any other alternative? Please do let me know if there is , I would really appreciate your reply in every way ^_^

Best regards,

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