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Which tablet to purchase?


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Hello All,

I've been greatly considering the purchase of my first business-purposed tablet. I'm not a big fan of the Apple IOS and the Windows 8 Tablet has is running the much underpowered Atom processor. I believe that I can get most of my business application running on the Droid IOS. However, I am at a loss for which Droid tablet will serve me best. I do like the idea of a larger 10" screen as well as the addition of a bluetooth keyboard. My intentions with the device would be for notes, browsing, gaming, and a Visio like application. I've been considering the Google Nexus 10 as it falls within my budget of $500 for a tablet. There is some flexibility with the budget, but spec wise, what are the top Droid Tablets? I've spent some research time, but there are various inconsitencies amongst the reviewing parties. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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I don't think it's applicable to u because of your $500 price range but i'm thinking of getting a Dell XPS12 for my pentesting/IT machine. As far as I can tell it's the best tablet convertible on the market. The upgraded version has an intel i7, 8g ram, 256g SSD drive, 1 USB3.0, 1USB3.0/eSATA, RJ45 Ethernet Jack, the new intel wifi with widi built in, and it seems like the convertible keyboard is a full size keyboard. Seems like the perfect pentesting machine!! I'm gonna have to sacrifice a little personally to get it cuz it's like $1600 on Dell's site including a $300 gift card for accessories, or like $1200 on ebay with no gift card. Not always having to dual boot back and forth will make life much easier, plus it's wayyyyyy more portable than my laptop. If I were u I'd check out asus.com and acer.com. They both seem to have a great selection of nice spec'd tablets

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Wow! I was totally headed in the wrong direction. I really like the XPS12. I thought $500 was a good target but I was wrong. Looking at another Asus option but will be ordering this week. Thanks for the slap in the right direction.

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