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How to turn a blackberry bold 9000 into something like a wifi pineapple


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I just got an old blackberry 9000 from a yard sell to tinker with and I was wondering how would I go about installing a linux distro( non graphical & maybe even kali would be nice) so that I can use it like a wifi pineapple. As far as sending commands to it and setting it up it would be nice to be able to do it through an ssh conncection, but my main question is which distro, and how to install it?

If you don't know, I am also having a little difficulty finding the system specs (such as which ARM version and such) so if you can find good list of the specs I would greatly apreciate it.

Also, if the binary based os's won't work would something like Gentoo be a possiblity (though I can't imagine how long it would take to compile on a cell phone ..... it took for ever on my ancient Mac Powerbook).

Thanks :)

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Considering how closed BB/iOS is and how open and easy to install roms/distros on Android is, why get an old BlackBerry to tinker with? Android was pretty much developed and promoted as an open-source alternative for people like us who like to hack their electronics. Android is linux based already, so installing pretty much any linux distro including BackTrack/Kali is painfully easy!! Not to come off as sarcastic (Seriously), but buying an old BlackBerry to have a handheld linux machine is somewhat comparable to buying a PS2 for the purposes of running XBMC on it...

That's my opinion anyway.

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HAHAHA Now I get it! Ur post made it sound like u bought it for that purpose. I feel u, $5 is a why the hell not price! Test it urself and see if it works. I've never heard of anybody running Kali on a BB but it's probly possible on some level if u try hard enough. Just don't know how functional it will be. If it works at all decent create a thread and share ur knowledge/success

Good Luck!

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