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Use USB as HDD for USB Live BackTrack


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Can I use USB as memory for USB Live BackTrack 5 R3 Machine with W7? Make USB Live with BackTrack, restart, boot from usb, install and use usb memory for OS Linux BackTrack - is this possible?

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You would like to install backtrack onto a flash drive? Yes that is possible.


Or are you asking if you can use a USB stick as addition RAM for a live boot of backtrack off of a separate Flash drive? This is also possible with swap partitions.


And as a side note backtrack is no longer maintained check out Offensive Securities new project Kali Linux.


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Use USB as HDD for BackTrack - install BackTrack on usb, and use it for data storage.

I have W7 on pc, and I want to run Linux besides W7 (at "startup menu" choose which OS to start: Linux BT or W7), which solution would be better?

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I would recommend you doing what you are doing at the moment and keep backtrack installed on a flash drive and boot off of that for when you need it. Reason being if you ever get tiered of a dual boot system when you delete the backtrack partition you are going to cause a massive headache for your self messing with grub rescue. Another solution for you would be virtualization. I personally recommend using Oracle Virtual Box it has worked great for me in the past and still to this day. I have whole virtual network composed of various virtualized machines. It is a great solution if you do not need the physical hardware and you are just doing a quick vuln scan or something like that. Overall it is your choice these are just my recommendations to you.

Also as I said above BT is dead check out Kali!

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