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Errm well i am kind of new :) and would like to share this with you guys , any one who is planning on .... You know making a uber long range ( about 120 km ) pineapple , or normal wifi network , check out the link . Its a custom "network" hardware config that I think is pointless and cool


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You might be able to get multiple pineapples and link them all together with RJ-45 cable and configure them all to run on the same network, and accept commands from their overlord. Don't know what all would be involved, don't have my own pineapple. Could Possibly make them longer range by using directional antennae. Don't know the range you get with the WIFI pineapple, but you could look up the specification. Something tells me my idea is a little bit impractical with the pineapples being $ 99.99 a pop. I have also heard that airborne WIFI routers gain additional range, or something.

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HAHAHA, overwraith I don't think your Pineapple idea is impractical at all in comparison...

ESTIMATED SHIPPING $632.40 ESTIMATED TOTAL $11,068.96 pixel.gif

If you were buying that kind of bulk of Pineapples though u could just get the boards from data-alliance for like $35 or the AP with OpenWRT with the power supply and casing for like $55 and flash them all into Pineapples yourself. I think both are great idea's if you're trying to pwn like your entire state from ur bedroom LOL!!! That's like a hacker's dream setup! I don't know how you'd protect all your gear from being stolen though considering how long you'd have to run this network down the highway or whatever ur picturing.

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