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Why Websense?


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I been looking for a job in the last few days.

I've noticed that a lot of businesses are using websense security, not the traditional ones such as:


Bit defender



I'm not stating that this protections are or not effective, I'm just curious about, why websense, what's the difference, why requiered?

is it really that trusth worthy? is just another well-rounded antivirus solution?

If anyone has any information on the matter please let me know.

Thank you

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The names you've mentioned are mainly, if not soley, anti-virus. Websense is a full security solution shop offering a lot more. I'm not even sure if they do AV.

I do understand that Websense is a full security solution. Thing is, why is the most widely used?

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I don't know why that is preferred over its own competition but I'd hope that most of the companies that are using it would also be using AV from one of the companies you've mentioned.

From what I've seen of it on tests it is a good product, maybe it is the best of what is out there. Or maybe they've just got a very good sales rep in your area.

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This is usually the answer to Why Websense?

Because in a Cisco firewall config you get 2 choices, Websense or Secure Computing(now McAfee). Of those 2 choices, I'll pick Websense 11 out of 10 times.


Even if they only ever sold to customers with a Cisco ASA, that's still a few million sales with reoccurring license fees, that's some major money for R&D.

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