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Lost my wlan1


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I have been playing around with my pineapple and after my last restore I can no longer find my wlan1. I was using a 4 port usb. On the usb hub I have my usb drive and the second usb wifi. The usb drive is detected fine.

I checked my /etc/config/wireless and I remember that had a second entry for radio1, but is no longer in there.

I connected my usb wifi directly into my pineapple but I still have no luck.

My only thought is to roll back to 2.8.0. I am not sure if the issue started when I upgraded to 2.8.1

I guess I will try a rollback but I wanted to see if anyone had any other thoughts or commands I can try.

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I rolled back to 2.8.0 but I have the same issue.

When I do a lsusb I only see the usb generic usb port

When I plug in my usb hub I see the hub and my 4 gig usb drive.

Could my usb wifi dongle just go bad?

I purchased the pineapple elite pack so I am using the second usb wifi that was provided.

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I did a boot with nothing plug into the usb port.

Once the pineapple was up I ran ifconfig and iwconig, I did not see a 2nd wifi port.

I see lo eth1 wan0 eth0 br-lan

Here is what is on the label

802.11b/g/n Long-Range

Wireless USB Adapter

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You mention a 4 port hub, but not that its powered. Please confirm the hub is a POWERED one.


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