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Pineapple as primary router?

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I'm totally new here. I am hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction:

I want to use the pineapple as my primary router and my current router as a access point back to the pineapple. My goal is to monitor my children's web access and later use the pineapple for some detection work i'm planning. I guess I might be confused to how the pineapple operates.

I plugged my internet directly in to my pineapple. I was amazed that I got internet but for some reason all PC pull 192.168 addresses which I find odd seeming the pineapple is setup for 172.16 ... I can't access the pineapple but I do have internet.

How can I configure my pineapple to either work as a primary router or as an access point? If I run it as an access point I figured I would set my primary wifi up secret and lock it down preventing anyone from connecting to it except for myself and letting the pineapple log the wifi traffic.

Thanks for your help,


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Just set up ICS from whistlemasters NetworkManager module, connect your desktop to the PoE/LAN port and set up your computer as specified in the Wiki, plug in your internet ethernet into the WAN/LAN port, make ICS happen from the NetworkManager module and then get them to connect to the pineapple :)


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