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I am currently in the market for an "all in one" web vulnerability scanner... the kicker? It needs to be for Windows... Some people just need to spend money, I guess.

I have found a couple of them... but the one that caught my eye is Acunetix.

I have gone through its 'capabilities'... but fail to see what differentiates that from, say, w3af (although w3af is buggier than bird shit). After test driving the demo; I would have to say that I do enjoy it. The ease of use is pretty cool... yet; I fail to see why they should pay 2,000 + dollars for a vulnerability scanner.

Again; they do not want any linux clients... they seemed 'overwhelmed' by it :(

Should they purchase it? (I would get a copy of it, too :) ) Any other easy to use vuln scanners I should suggest?

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If I had $2000, I think I;d pay some bills or buy another car.

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I agree, Digip; but they want the "full package"... I am getting less than 300 $ for about a weeks worth of work (only had to patch Skype :) )


They purchased the scanner... I got to say... I kind of like it.

PS... They also gave me an account to their PRTG ... :)

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