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This weeks posts and does Darren use a helmet or windsheld cam. Wifi is like old old ethernet.


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Nothing new this week. I fixed all the problems from last week remove redundant files trying to get a purchase order for a larger hard drive. At home remove redundant files also and for work we have thousands of lines of data that can be removed. It is amazing what can happen to an sql database when you run out of space. At school learning about vlans I already forgot a switch extension. "How to create and avoid loops". It is in the text and good old google and you tube will have. Strangely I understand vlans spanning tree trunking without reading the text I did this some place else... csma/cd I am question if how it works with half versus full duplex.

Last two items wifi access points work like ethernet hubs. Keep working with Wifi guys not just breaking wep and wpa. This would be a great thing to explore. Maybe making an access point using multiple channels and trunking based on multiple vlans. This is way out there maybe way too early too even consider any of this lets see what the new standard has to offer.

Darren has windshield cams and helmet cams. It would be cool to see what he does.

Way off topic no I dont do drugs they even have similar cams for cats.

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You sure about the "no drugs" thing?


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Okay remember a 10/100 hub from before the days of wifi or even home networking. This is a lot of how Wifi works it is

a big collision domain please look up csma/ca is the spec for wifi collision avoidance. I do not think there is a Wifi switch. On your home routers the switch is for wired ethernet. Wireless ethernet does not follow the 802.? ah shit I cant remember which one is switched ethernet tha any way.

I am fixing both my computer and the office computer by getting rid of reduntant files and instanling an external hard drive. Also shrink the database get rid of the uneccesary crap helped.

The helmet cam would be cool. They used to sell these things people attached to there pets collar which was a camera. Worked good on a guitar or mike strand helmet windsheld. Now we mount a phone to these things. It is amazing what you can see in a bar when you are playing a gig. Mount I mount my phone to a stand

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