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Karma and usb wifi


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I believe he's asking how to change it so when he starts Karma via the Status page of the Web UI it will run through his USB Wifi Adapter instead of the internal Alfa. The simple answer is u can't. You shouldn't need to though. The internal Alfa is setup perfectly to run Karma. Since 2.8.1 fw is out there's no reason u should feel the need to switch the radio's...

The reason to use a wifi adapter on the Pineapple would be to connect to a network, deauth, monitor mode, a 2nd AP, or anything else besides Karma.

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Yes that is what I was looking for. I thought that the second antenna would have a better range. I found another post that stated that they were having issues with Karma not connecting and it seems to be fixed in a beta version. I will just wait for the next release.

Thanks for the info.

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The Beta phase is over. 2.8.1 is officially released. The posts that you read were referring to fw 2.8.0. The issue's with Karma, Monitor Mode, Alfa NHA driver not connecting to secure AP's, and a few other issue's have been resolved in 2.8.1. Along with the addition of a pretty tight script Whistle Master wrote to be able to install/remove/update infusions ALOT quicker from the cli. It's no longer a Beta version. U can upgrade to 2.8.1 by choosing Upgrade in the Web UI. And as far as the internal vs external antenna, you can screw on any strength antenna you want. Just research it a little bit. There's a ton of options in that category. Generally both the Pineapple and most external Alfa's that i've seen come with 5dbi antenna's. You can get a 20dbi antenna + an amplifier and connect those to your Pineapple to turn it into a beast. Do some google'ing and figure out if you want parabolic, omnidirectional, directional, panel, yagi, backfire, etc.

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