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Router with dsl modem


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Hi, I am searching for the best possible router

the requirements are:

1- Should have the DSL modem build in. (VDSL if possible)

2- If possible should have a local DNS server

3- No need for WLAN ( I live in Germany we have steel concret floors, so WLAN router have issue, and I have WLAN access point on each floor so no need for WLAN on router)

4- I just want the most up to date product so I do not have to worry about it for some time.

5- A DMZ zone

6- Not needed but nice to have, two WAN

I was looking at the Zywall USG100, but it has no modem build in.

I know of DD-WRT, that would be OK, But all the routers I seen are 2or 3 year old models.

any suggestions


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You have that a bit backwards, but not completely. Most DSL modems, act as a router but 90% of them do not have multi lan ports with NAT built into most DSL capable modems since they usually have one lan port and one wan port, with the sometimes addition of Wifi, which is where you would get NAT capabilities from. I just threw away an old DSL modem the other day, only have one WAN and one LAN port on it, and I have cable, so had no use for it.

The higher end DSL modems usually have lan ports, and/or wifi, and with NAT capabilities. A DMZ zone, puts a device right on the line, as in, no NAT for the device you setup in the router. With a most DSL modems that only have a lan and wan port, the single device is already in the DMZ, unless it has a built in router.

They sell all in one devices, you just have to find one that has more than one Ethernet LAN port on the back. The ones that do, are usually all in one modem and routers. Wifi can be disabled usually as well if it comes with wifi, but in my experience, the ISP, will lock you out of the modem since they flash them, and add their own configs. My suggest, buy a normal router, but that is up to you.

First thing you'll need to check though, is what modems your ISP will allow if you do decide to skip a regular router, and go all in one device, as not all ISP's let you choose you're own DSL modems. I made the mistake of buying a modem once, and the ISP, would not allow it on their network, because it didn't allow them to add their firmware and config files(it was a PCI modem from Zoom, and WAY faster than the crap they sold back in the day, we're talking 1998 here). So for starters, check there and whats on their "allowed" list of compatible devices. They usually list them on the ISP's site,or you can attempt calling customer service, but they tend to be useless unless you get someone who knows IT and Networking stuff, or they can transfer you to the actual IT department. Then, I'd say hit NewEgg and Amazon for what they have for sale of "all in one" DSL modem/router's that are on the allowed list of your ISP. Ons I would stay away from are Westell and Huawei, both easily hackable, and Huawei have hard coded back doors, and can still be found in online stores.


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