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Qimo is kid based, but a tad heavy on older machines. I tried Slita an WattOSx86 and they both worked decently on older hardware, with mem requirements under 256mb of ram, so I would give those a try if its an old machine. They would run with 128mb ram, and had decent desktops, but I eventually just went back to XP anyway, since I still have a Pro Edtition Volume License from work.

Either way, give Slitaz a try. Might like it for an older machine. ISO is like 35mb and you can choose what to install during setup to full blown linux with all the bells and whistles if you really needed to, but if just browsing the web, it works a treat. Only downfall to slitaz is it is a bit outdated, so once installed, you have to manually update the kernel and packages if you want recent software, but still, small, light weight, and fast on old hardware.


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