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capturing packets need hdd space solutions

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Lets say I want to sniff packets from remote location, and I want to sniff packets with the pineapple. My pineapple only has 8gb flash drive. How quickly will the 8gb flash drive get filled up if I want to run it 24/3-4 days a week? I was thinking the flash drive will not be enough (unless I remotely ssh in and transfer them to my pc) But I was thinking to attach a 500gb external hdd on the usb hub, or get a 3tb NAS for my home and have it transfer it to that NAS.

If I were to have it transfer to my nas would I need a second wifi card to connect to different AP and transfer the files or can I use the same card that is sniffing packets?

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Maybe. I'm playing with it now.

Missing dependencies. We don't have the stat application is seems.

What I may do is just get a external hdd with its own independent power and use a battery pack so I do not drain the battery for the pineapple. set up a ftp server or just do reverse ssh and use scp

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