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Help a VOIP n00b


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I work for a non-profit organization who's hosting a large international conference at a convention centre soon.

Skipping all the useless details, the conference centre will be providing broadband and local phone service, but we need some long-distance.

In short, what's the cheapest, easiest way to get VOIP set up to call long-distance to landlines? I don't think we'll need to receive calls.

What do I need to know about Skype to get it going?

I know I should just RTFM, but I want to hear from people who use it.

TIA! :)

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Skype is probably the easist and chapist. As a perminant long term thing Astrisk is good, but for a short term thing Skype is probably better. Appart from putting credit on each persons skype acount the only other cost that you are likly to run in to is buying head sets for every one.

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I should clarify, we don't need it for everyone, just for staff and the VIPs/speakers. (Probably 1 or 2 phones/headsets)

I kind of knew that I needed to use Skype, and I know where to find the rates for calling out. But I've never used it before and I wanted a little reassurance.

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