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hak5 usb powered hub

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I decided to buy the hak5 usb powered hub (alot cheaper than my alternatives and perfect amount of usb ports) anyways, withouth asking before I bought it, will a battery pack with a 5v 2A be sufficient enough to power the usb hub?

ALSO I saw it in a thread (forgot to save it) about splicing a certain wire in the hak5 usb hub to prevent powerback? (or power feedback?) does anyone have the picture? I have been searching and it is giving me threads just mentioning usb mass storage.

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I am powering a memory stick, wifi adapter, and 3G modem from a hub powered on a 5v 2.1A battery supply. Pending on what your hooking into the hub, you should be alight.

Regarding your second question, if the hub is already a powered via external 5v source, you shouldnt need to splice anything. The case in which this needs to be done is if you can converting a non-powered hub to a powered hub.

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