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Remote Assistance with Clipboard?


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I work in a Service Desk environment and use Remote Assistance (on Windows XP - both Host & Client) to connect to users computers... however.. the clipboard is not available. Is there anyway I can either enable the Clipboard via Remote Assistance or replace the Remote Assistance utility (used to connect to the client machines) with a version from Windows 7 or Windows 8 that may support this feature? I realize this might be a long shot but worth trying for!

PS I know using Remote Desktop I can check to enable Clipboard but the Remote Assistance is the Go-To tool for my employers remote help.

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You can try running rdpclip on the remote host once logged onto it, see if that makes it work. Its the program started when RDP or mstsc is used to remote desktop into the machine. Sadly, I'be never gotten it to work with Linux, but just dragging and dropping files over windows to windows has always worked for me with RDP, just not remote assistance. The alternative, use TeamViewer. Works without port forwarding and allows file transfer to and from machines.

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Cheers. RDPClip is something I will try. Unfortunately stuck with Remote Assistance as the tool to use. Cheers for your tips.

I've no clue if it will work, I just know that under normal RDP sessions, that program gets started to share clipboard and drag and drop files between RDP sessions, so might trick it into giving access to both in Remote Assistance. Post back if you find that it works, will be good tip for others if it does, I just never tried it...
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