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Cracked wifi code with Backtrack5r2 getting network security key mismatch


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I successfully cracked a wifi with backtrack 5r2 with reaver, this wifi in particular took alot longer than most to crack.

the key that came up was very long, 6d788e9136fce5f98738617bce1a817eb4f4185f1bd31c726f4b99e45c5619

I copy and pasted the key when I try to connect the wifi it comes back, "Network Security Mismatch"

Any ideas??? I tried the key on two computers and my mobile phone.. all come back the same with "Network Security Mismatch" Any advice greatly appreciated.. thanks in advance.

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Possible you did something wrong or the program pooped. Seriously, WPS pin codes are usually like 8 characters, not mega long. You putting in the right place too? This isn't the routers password if you used reaver. If the router is in WPS mode, you have to put your device in same mode and enter the WPS pin to synce to that device. This won't be the WPA key or anything like that if thats what you were thinking.

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