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[Question] SD Card


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OK I tried it on windows and Linux and I can not get them to work.

Like I said could it be because they are old Nokia phone cards ? 512MB

In "Format Drive"

The Scheme: should they be "Master Boot Record" or "Guid Partition Table" or "Don't Partition" or "Apple Partition Map" ? ( I tried all but none seem to work)

I then create a partition as "FAT"

I then copy file over but nothing happens the LED stays RED

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Multiple different types of cards have been tested by users. I personally have used 64MB upto 1GB with no problems.

My cards have not been partitioned, so they use the full allocated space, and have been formatted in FAT (windows) or VFAT (unix).

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In Windows:

Windows Key + R -> "compmgmt.msc" -> Disk Management.

Make sure all volumes on the disk read as "Unallocated space". If anything else exists, Right Click -> Delete Volume.

On the Unallocated space: Right Click -> Format

Make sure the Capacity is just under 512MB.

Make sure the File System is set to FAT32

Allocation unit size should be set to default.

Lable the device as "DUCKY"

Make sure Quick Format is checked.

Click Start.

I know it's very basic stuff, but if the above does not work then there are either hidden partitions on the disk which Windows cannot handle, or the disk itself is corrupt. This is common, as even some of the cards that shipped with the ducks were corrupt.

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