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Encryption for windows questions


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Hello everyone,

I am forced to use windows for work and thus I am looking
for a good drive encryption solution. I have to travel for work and almost life
my laptop at in the airport (stupid I know). What would be best is something
that would encrypt the whole drive and could use a USB thumb drive for authentication.
I don’t want to use BitLocker as I distrust Microsoft. It would also be nice to have a password
manager that could use a USB thumb drive as well. Any help would be greatly


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There are a number of options out there, truecrypt is definitely a possibility. But working on the side I have seen a number of laptops encrypted with a pre-boot environment. I came across these if you or your company are willing to buy into stuff





If it is an IBM/Lenovo Laptop I believe there is built in drive encryption in the bios, typically on models with a fingerprint reader.

other option... install linux on the laptop, encrypt it however you know/like, and run windows in a virtual machine.

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