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Post my gear


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Thought I'd do the 'post my gear' bit.

left to right top row and down.

1. Novatech Nfinity ultrabook running dual boot Ubuntu and backtrack

2. TP-link WR703N running OpenWRT with a unlocked 3G modem

3. Raspberry PI running Debian with kismet server installed

4. TP-link WR841N running OpenWRT with kismet Drone (to pipe to PI)

5. Linksys WRT54GS running OpenWRT with kismet drone (to pipe to PI)

6. Pc engines Wrap 2.c running OpenWRT aircrack-ng installed

Bottom right of the Pic, i'm sure you will all reconise the Wifi Pineapples and Alfa USB adaptor, along with the anker battery to power the pineapples.

Bottom left, couple of usb sticks and a yubikey.


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I love hardware... I will add to this post as I add to my gear...

Lenovo W520 Intel i7-2760QM CPU @ 2.4GHz vPro (QuadCore) Just upgraded to an 256 GB SSD Chip for my OS (Win7 64-bit & Linux BT5r3 64-bit Dual Booted) 500GB HD internal for my saved files. I love this build, You guys wouldn't believe the speed running your OS on an SSD can do for you. Lenovo IBM's ThinkPad offers some great built PC's. VERY easy to repair, built on a sold chase. I should be a sales man.... Mah, never mind, I'm happy.... hahahaha

My Add-Ons:

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Thought I would post my gear as well.


-Laptop is an Acer Aspire, nothing fancy, but it has an Atheros chipset for wireless

-Pineapple with the travel pack (pineapple juice and case)

-A couple of 5db rubber duckie antennas

-a 7db Alfa panel antenna

-9db antenna found in the HakShop

-14.3db yagi cantenna with the vanguard tripod

-LAN wiretap

-Alfa 036H NIC

-Squid hub and misc. dongles/hubs/flash drives etc

Something else I cannot easily take pictures of (but can screenshot) is my server that's on 24/7. I host files through it to the house and thought about making it a "cracking rig". So I threw an old GTX285 in it and beefed up the power supply. With that I added GPU cracking to it and wrote some scripts to automate my dictionary/brute force attacks.


A simple script on my laptop allows me to check the pcap file and sftp it to my home rig (using dynamic DNS).


Once the file transfers to my server I SSH in and load the main menu script. You can see some of the things I have added already.


This is the configuration menu where I can pick which wordlists to use. I have over 33 gigs of wordlists stored on the machine. Additionally, I can spawn the processes into the background and let them run by themselves. For notifications I have my rig programmed to text me with status messages (wordlist started, finished, password found/not found). THis way I can be in the field and, once capturing a handshake, forward it on to my rig and go eat some lunch or something while my machine back home does all the heavy lifting. Once the machine finds the info, I receive a text on my phone that looks like this:


It's not pretty ATM, but it is extremely functional. I'm looking to add hash cracking and similar tools to it. No point in using my feeble laptop for cracking when I can let full blown desktops do it much much faster.

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