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Mac Filtering


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Hello these are probably really dumb questions but im having trouble finding this info and i'd be very grateful for some help.

Do I have to change my interfaces mac address when using jammer? (I'll be using an external alfa). And if so do I change it to the target computers mac? I presume the target router would just ignore the jammer otherwise.

Also related to this do I have to change the pineapples mac address to that of router im trying to impersonate, so that the target computer thinks its the AP (router) it usually connects too?

Changing these macs would mean I'd only be able to spoof a specific router at one time wouldn't it. Or is all this mac changing irrevent?

I'd be very grateful for any help with this. Thanks forumland.

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Hey MagicPie,

Is your question related to the pineapple or rather the idea of deauthing clients from a network? If it is in regards to the pineapple, please read this and post into the appropriate forum.

To answer some parts of your questions, you don't HAVE to change the MAC of your interface, it may be a wise thing to do though - detection, identification etc. You would not change it to the clients mac.

You do not have to change the pineapple's MAC either - unless you want to. Again, not to the routers - though this would make more sense. This still doesn't happen a lot.

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