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[BugReport] Keyboard Layout Switch Not Working?


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Really sorry if i duplicate existing thread.

Yesterday i've got my Ducky. Included microSD was defective, so i had buy a new one... but its no trouble.

I got trouble with using ducky on Windows 7 with russian keymapping by default - it's typing russian symbols in windows run dialog. Of course, easiest solution for this bug is change default language of windows input, but it's makes ducky particle useless.

How can i make duckу typing in US characters? SHIFT ALT (my windows layout change combination) don't works:(

Maybe i need change some code of resources\ru.properties, resources\keyboard.properties? or source of encoder?

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

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Not annoying!

I really want to work on language support this year! The more questions the better, the better the understanding - i hope!

I'll help you with ru.properties, my time is limited at moment, but will do my best to help.

Does the cyrillic in ru.properties work correctly?

Is it latin character support you are after?

Just for clarification, thanks.

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Had to patch the encoder, version 2.3 should now be available.

Now you can use:


In Ducky script to trigger the Input Language Swap function in Windows.

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