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USB TTL Uart Flash Info


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Hi everybody iìve bought the usb ttl uart cable to flash the pineapple..I've read whe wiki but i still have some clues about the complete procedure with usb ttl uart cable..On USB ttl uart side i have RST, 3V3,5V,TXD,RXD and GND , on pineapple side VDD, RX,TX,GND..I've connected GND with GND TXD with RX and RXD with TX.. What about VDD on the pineapple?(i don't know the matching cable) Thanks! :)

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Hello thanks for the tips , i've solved connecting txd with tx, rxd with rx and gnd with gnd..I haven't connected the VDD ...it works like charm expect some usb issues (continuously reboots or always on led flashing when i inserte usb mass storage..that's why i've decided to flash , thinking it's a software problem but maybe i was wrong..)

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