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USB Battery Pack on Woot Today


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Thanks for sharing sugarrat.

I like woot for some stuff, but I just went to check out this battery and unfortunately it doesn't appear to be a great deal for $49.

It's got (1) 2.1A USB and (1) 0.5A USB.

While that's not terrible and would likely work for the standard deployment, I've got a few 12000mAh New Trent's with that configuration nearly new that I'd gladly sell to someone interested. I just didn't have great luck running all the items I needed to run off that 2.1A.

I've found that for $59, the Anker 10000mAh with 5V/9V/12V output is far more useful for the "full pineapple deployment", I'm able to run a 2nd Alfa and my USB drive inline on a USB hub without powering the hub when I power the MKIV using the 9V or 12V from the Anker,

Here's a link to the Anker on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Multi-voltage-Recorders-Lightning-Sensation-connectors/dp/B005NGKR54

(no idea what's up with the link title, but it links to the Anker correctly :) )

it's only another $10 more than the woot offering, but for that extra $10 you get a lot more versatility,especially for your MKIV. You can even run your laptop off of one of these if you needed to.

I own 2 of them, and love 'em a lot!

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