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Maximum simultaneous wifi connections to a PirateBox


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Hey hakzorz,

I've created a PirateBox/Raspberry Pi combo for use at an outdoor music festival here in Victoria, Australia. It's going to be a hub for news and updates as well as a message board between festival attendees.

The PirateBox will be handling the wireless connections and networking as well as hosting the news/update pdf downloads. The Raspberry Pi will be hosting the php based forum, Phorum.

My question is what do you think the maximum simultaneous wifi connections to the devices would be? Or how do I go about finding out?

The specs are as follows:


TP-Link TL-MR3220

32 GB USB Flash Memory - as storage

piratebox_0.5.1 - running on top of OpenWRT (not sure what version)

Raspberry Pi

512 MB Ram

32 GB SD Card Flash Memory - as storage

Occidentalis V0.2 - a debian wheezy based distro with all the latest upgrades

My guess is that it would handle 30 or so at max.

Any help with this would be super.


Dr H

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You could use this tool, to perform a stress test on your PIratebox, and determine how may concurrent connections would it take to bog down your server.


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