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By way to stay hidden on a windows 7 laptop


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Im tryin to figure out the best why to stay as hidden or a network with my windows 7 laptop and the only stuff I have found so far is set the network is to public and a command that I don't really know what it is.

"Net config server /hidden:yes "

Any help would be a gr8 thx

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Found the following here: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itpronetworking/thread/040bb9e7-bfa2-4b24-9386-0316739785b7

To hide computers on the network, you can proceed in two ways in Windows XP-based computers or Windows Server 2003

May at a command prompt, run the command net config server config server/hidden: yes to hide or net config server/hidden: no config server to display.

Another way is to create a REG_DWORD with the name Hidden input and value 1 to hide and value 0 to display in the Windows registry at HKEYLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Lanmanserver\Parametres

For equipment based on Windows vista/2008/7/2008r2 Besides these procedures above you should disable the following Windows services to ensure that your equipment will not be located on the network.

SSDP Discovery Service

Computer browser

UPnP Device Host

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Looks like I'm gonna need to make a script if I want to do all this in a hurry... My laptop is on the road a lot but I still need to see some thing and share vids and stuff over VPN the would be a good start to make this more..., on / off ??? Again thx for the help also what was ment by "computer browser"

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I think you are thinking of two different things. The command does not make the computer invisible on the network, just means it won't show up with file shares or as a workstation in the server browser listing. If internet connection and file sharing is what you want to disable, so people can't browse your PC's local file shares or shared folders, open services.msc, and disable the "computer browser" and "server" services and that makes it so no one can use smb to see your shares. Thats only for windows file sharing though, or in windows 7, "Home network" connectivity.

As for staying "hidden" in a network, that is physically impossible without having hacked directly into another device remotely while not being on the same lan, and using the hacked machine as your bounce point, or VPN/SSH/Tunnel into another machine and browsing from that machine. if you're on the same lan, no matter what, your computer will be seen and known by devices due to how computer networking works, or you wouldn't be able to join the network and reach the internet via the main gateway or local netowrk if its just lan based switches and routers.

At a minimum when you connect to a lan, it starts from your NIC at the physical layer, to the Data Link layer(layer 2) where your MAC address gets discovered, which then you are assigned an IP address on the lan which is layer 3(Network Layer), and so on...You can't communicate on the network, if your computer doesn't reply to ARP(layer 2) and give up your MAC address on the network so devices like the router and switches can identify where packets have to go.

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