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hacking my own windows server 2003


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i want to allow remote logins for admins and guests and also allow concurrent simultanias logins without having to sign out any loged in users as i am stuck with this and thetre is no linux alternative that dosnt involve vm ware style situation is there a way i can hack it so i can do this free?

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Windows Server allows multiple Terminal Session users at the same time, limited by your license purchase how many concurrent connections for admins, but on workstations like XP for example, you can only have one RDP session at a time, which logs off the currently logged on user while the admin works, and if the user logs back in, it logs the admin off unless the admin locks the workstation during use. Alternative, don't use RDP or Terminal Services in general, and go with a client setup like PC Anywhere or VNC that leaves the user logged in while you work or find another RDP type of software to do what you want that allows multiple concurrent sign-ons.

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