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  1. Does RDP log other users out? I don't use Windows server much, and when I do I'm the only one logged in.
  2. I use Remedy at work, and it's a great system. We have it super customized, but then again, the company I work for is huge and can afford a full time staff to support it.
  3. Nah, I got way to much other B.S. going on to admin a FB page.
  4. I think you did it wrong. You need to create a page for an organization/public figure as opposed to a personal page. The way it is now doesn't allow anyone to "like" it, but instead add it as a friend.
  5. I just received my first duck today. Thank you to everyone involved in helping this project succeed. I look forward to making my own contributions soon.
  6. Hey guys, my name is Eric and here is my about me thing: Favorite game: Battlefield 3 Favorite OS: Ubuntu, but OpenSUSE is growing on me... Favorite console: Xbox360 Nationality: US Accent: Normal West coast American (non-surfer type, brah!) Sex: Male Age: 26 Race: Hispanic Height: 6' Status: Married Build: Primary device is an Asus N53 Favorite band: Five Finger Death Punch Favorite book: Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein Favorite author: Don't have one Favorite movie: The Matrix Favorite director: Don't have one. Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory Favorite actor: Denzel Washington Favorite actress: Scarlett Johansson Favorite Pinup: Bettie Page Favorite Comedian: Gabriel Iglesias Other hobbies: Shooting guns ('Merica!), Photography, hiking, playing guitar. Occupation: Data Center technician
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