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[Question] Is it possible for Firmware to select keyboard VID PID randomly?

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I havent had a chance to take a look at the firmware source code, or look into firmware creation, but I hope to as soon as I find some more time. I was just curious, as to whether or not it is possible to create firmware that selects the type of keyboard for the duckey randomly, ex...Dell keyboard, generic logitech keyboard, etc.

My reason for asking is that it is probably just a matter of time until someone figures out how to ban the keyboard type the duckey uses.

I dont want to create any more work for the developers just yet, since I hear they are very buisy. This is just some food for thought.

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You are able to change the Vendor and Product ID to look like a Dell, Apple, Logitech, whatever... Check out the wiki entry here:


Someone could ban the keyboard type but that's like banning the file name "evilvirus.exe" and calling the job done. At the root the USB Rubber Ducky is taking advantage of inherent trust - the convenience that makes computers "user friendly". It's really a can of worms.

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