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My girlfriend is applying to MS in Redmond, WA. She is a Sr. Customer Service Rep and Manager of a local business. When reading the job description, it asks about CPAT-NA business metrics...

I saw that CPAT is actually The Candidate Physical Ability Test. It asks about CPAT-NA and I only find wanted ads pertaining to CPAT-NA business metrics.

What is CPAT-NA???????

Thanks ahead of time if ya guys know... I am at a loss.

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lol. Only thing I see for CPAT is this -

She plan on putting out fires any time soon? Might be an administrative position that needs to know about safety? http://www.becomingafirefighter.com/Recruitment%20Wiki/Pages/The%20CPAT%20(Candidate%20Physical%20Aptitude%20Test).aspx

Maybe the CPAT-NA is something else, or the info is a typo, listed wrong and was possibly meant to be C-TPAT? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CPAT

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