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Make teh Money online


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OK... this is hilarious, but some of it is true; especially the novice status...

QUOTE FROM LINK: "One must remember that in order to make money, work must be done in a professional manner as nobody wants to pay for services by a novice. Internet has a number of free resources and tools related to your chosen field of work. Free tools and resources can only help you in getting started comfortably without any financial burden. When your purpose is not just limited to an online presence but extends further to earn money from internet, financial investment in good tools and resources is your necessity because free tools and resources don’t offer that freedom and flexibility which is must for doing work professionally."

I love open source...


sorry... this was sent before I finished it... sometimes women just do not think... jk (if she is reading this...:)

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Um, your account get hacked? lol. Not sure if spam, or zoidberg...

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Let me explain; I had to go to church and fix their PC. My ride got here and my girlfriend must have pressed send... The article states that you must spend money on good products in order to make a living... This kind of made me feel that the Open Source community is being short handed... to say that you MUST SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY is not entirely true... that is all.

Whooop whooop whoooop <-- That was Zoidberg...


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