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Need some input on an idea...


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Hello all. New to the Forum. I decided to join this forum to get some input(hopefully not negative). I have been working on a project on and off for about 6 months. I am trying to build a device that is small and compact like the LAN tap(maybe a little bigger), that I can plug in line with a network. The difference is, that I would like it to be wireless and password protected, so that I can access it remotely. I have hacked up multiple wireless routers, trying make something work, but I keep running into issues. Is there something out there that does this already? If not does anyone have any ideas how this can work? DD-wrt software can turn a router into a repeater or bridge, but I dont want to have to make any setting changes to the master gateway router.

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What kind of issues are you running into? I have done a project like this a few years back. I remember it being quite easy (if you know the in's and out's of linux well). Maybe I can help.

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You're looking for the interceptor. See the hak5 video on it. Unfortunately the hardware is hard to find these days (fon+). Irongeek has some how-tos on his site on using a raspberry pi, which is the direction I would recommend if you've got one handy.

Otherwise the wifipineapple mark4 should be able to be used as such, but it will cease to act as a pineapple as far as I can tell, and instead be more like an interceptor. This has not been done before, so it will be likely cause headaches, but whats awesome is you can share what you learn with the community and get mad bonus points!


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