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Wifi client mapping


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I know that there are plenty of programs out there to map APs. I was wondering if anyone knows of anything that will map clients. I found one called Navizon, but it looks like I would need to buy proprietary nodes to use their service. I'm still reading and searching for other alternatives, but I was wondering if maybe someone else has already researched this and found an alternative.

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This definitely looks fun. I sent them a message about buying, but like Navizon they have no prices. I imagine it won't be cheap if it's made for enterprise though.

Basically what I want to do is take a clients probe-request and follow it. I'm taking the crash course right now, but I haven't gotten to the part that tells me if a client constantly sends requests or stops once it has connected.

Nothing free that I've ever seen. The guys that make Ekahau Heat Mapper have one that will do it.


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