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LAN tap on Cable Amplifier


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So I was having my usual coffee and a smoke outside this morning, and I saw a Timewarner tech messing with the cable amplifier pedestal this morning, and I noticed he was connecting to it with a standard RJ45. I was wondering would it be worth putting a LAN tap on this thing? I know the hak5 throwing star can't handle gigabit, and I imagine the amp would be. I was thinking of breaking out the multimeter and seeing what kind of power is supplied inside the box.

I was also wondering what would be the best way to access remotely. I have a hardhat and teleco vest, but all of my neighbors know me. So disguise isn't really an option. Plus a man sitting in the bushes with a laptop in the middle of the night might disturb some people. I have a few old smartphones floating around, so I was thinking of putting an ssh server on one, but from what I have read microUSB to ethernet is not an option on an android phone.

Disclaimer: The pedastal has absolutely no physical security, or labels about tampering with it....

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It sounds like something you shouldn't even be getting into.

I imagine there would be some legal implications, or is it just because I have absolutely no clue about what the box does besides "amplify" a signal? This thing has kind of piqued my curiosity, and the only cable amplifiers I have been able to find information about are the cheesy ones that you buy from radioshack.

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I was actually thinking the same thing. I figured it might be a serial connection for diagnostics, I'm just wondering if there is anything else that can be done on it. I did a little bit of searching and found a few TruSpec boxes that look similar but they only have coax connections.

Keep in mind though, RJ45 does not mean network. I can say with 99.999% confidence that the amp doesn't have an ethernet network. Don't look at radio shack, that's consumer. You need to look under professional products for in-house cable systems.

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