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New Online CTF!


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Hey guys,

Been ages since i posted. But recently i was reading a bit of news and came across this article:

ctf365: capture flag next generation


So i was wondering if you guys heard of it. And if people are gone take place in it.

If some team/group is gone take part and got some room left. And wouldnt mind some1 looking over the shoulders, let me know ;)

P.S. Im more in for the defence part. Europe based.



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Hi everybody,

I'm thinking about it but there is not yet a lot of info on their website.

Well is not much to say at this time because we work on the game design, layouts, midleware and we'll finish most of them soon. CTF365 it's a ready to spinoff for HackaServer Project which means the backend is ready. :-)

When I tried inviting some friends the mail functionality did not seem to work...

We know there are some issues with the email and you should blame Google. :-) We working on this. Some mails just don't deliver and it thrown an Unknown Error from Google. But we have good news for you. :-) The email we send is to make sure you enetered and we've got the right email address. Your referral code is generated and you can use it any time, whenever you want to unlock the goodies.

I we start a team you are welcome to join :-) I'll let you know ...

Happy hunting. :-)

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