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root on a router


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So my ISP has decided to be a real killjoy and I've just discovered after forking out money for a new router that not using the provided router is a breach of the terms and conditions in my contract.

Now I wouldnt really mind but the router is so bad its starting to get quite annoying. I have been searching the net to try and find a way to get root on the device or open an ssh or telnet connection to unlock some of the features they seem to have just removed without any thought. But only managed to find a few guides on using serial ttl to usb which seems like a lot of work. Has anyone got any experience with hacking routers or know of any good reading material?

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So they wont let your own router on the network, but make you use theirs? Or is their modem an all in one device? I never heard of an ISP, controlling the router you use, but yes, they have full access to modems. If you bought your own modem, and THAT is what they won't let you use, yes, some ISP's will prevent this, which I ran into Comcast when I bought an internal Zoom modem PCI card, the wouldn't let me use it because they can't put their own bin and config files on it.

What you can do though, is log into the router(not a modem I assume), and get its MAC address, or go to the modem (usually which should show the connection from the router in there too with its MAC address, then on your own router, use MAC address cloning, and change the MAC to that of theirs they provided to you, and use your router hooked to their modem instead. Might work, but need more info on the ISP, devices in uses, network setup, etc.

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Hi, sorry for the late reply been working overtime.

I was trying to use a adsl router my old isp used to just provide the password and username to get an ip from them but the current suppliers help forum suggest that they wont disclose this information upon request. Im stuck with using a sagemcom F@ST2504n firm version 5.14.7a4N and the isp provider is Sky, uk based.

Managed to find https://www.cm9.net/skypass/ which apparently gets the username and password based on the mac address and default wpa key on the router but only allows 3 requests every 24 hours and been wasting those trying to find out what its using to generate them slightly paranoid probably but totally random website so slightly untrusting of it ^_^ (disclosing passwords and usernames also breaches t&c apparently).

I thought about using both the routers but currently have 12 sockets in my computer room and everyone of thems full think I would be pushing it trying to add more would probably burn the house down.

Any help much appreciated and thanks for the replys so far.

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