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Alfa r36 question and post funny quotes here.


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Back on topic for a change. I am using an alfa r36. I would like to dmz back to my pc. I set up dmz with the host I want. Instead of connecting to the computer I connect to the router login. I did somethine wrong. I set it up as the documentation says. Cant seem to find any help on google.

As for quotes. When someone says hey dork I know they are looking for me.

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Probably irrelevant; but I read an excerpt from a website -



• Any interruption during firmware migration might damage your unit permanently.

• Please load factory default after firmware migration is completed, cause we need to make sure that firmware is written into R36.

• Alfa is revising the firmware, you can send an email to sales@alfa.om.tw if you have DNS issues with AWUS036NH on the R36.

• If you upgrade the firmware and above you cannot use AWUS036H with the R36. But you will be able to use the AWUS036NH and AWUS036NHR. Also Alfa devices with the same chipsets (RTL8188RU / RT3070) as the models above e.g. Alfa outdoor models should also work also Wifisky 3w, 2w, Wifi-unlocker models should also work.

Features | Could you call it a modem?

Processor: Ralink RT3050F @ 320Mhz

Flash: MXIC MX29LV640EBTI-70G

RAM: EtronTech EM63A165TS-6G

Looks like a frigging powerhouse! A shitload of people are complaining about a similar thing... what I gather it is a DHCP issue; probably a lame config issue...

Ice attacks my face every time i drink my scotch

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