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As a big Dr who fan i was browsing the web reading up on some Dr. who stuff ( as you do) after finding out about a spin-off series starring K-9 (the Doctors Dog) I downloaded the series and was getting into it quite a bit in the first episode UNTIL!.... at the end of it , somebody referred too him as a dog , and he corrected them by saying his specification , one of which made me laugh a bit , - So the Futuristic K-9 Of Doctor who apparently is , "a cybernetic construction containing quantum contentiousness and is capable of logical deduction to within 1.4759 gigaflops" ect ect .

what im nott too sure of is ... how can they apply gigaflops to logical deduction?

Also if he's so futuristic , why has he not got capability of doing this in say 50 petaflops ... ooooo :D thats futuristic.

I say this because recently ( the past few weeks) iv been researching quite a bit on clusters and there are clusters out there that are thousands of times faster than k-9 , the way im understanding what he's saying anyway.

Correct me if im wrong but isnt a 2.5 Ghz processor capable of doing 10 GigaFLOPS ? :S and does that mean K-9 the time vortex traveling dog that has saved the planet and the doctor on many occasions is no more powerful than my old intel dual core , or even worse . a samsung S3?

also , are there any other Dr.who fans out there in Hak5 land , and if so , who's your favourite doctor ?


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