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Installing Infusions Issue


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discovering the pineapple .. asking for help . when trying to install infusions to USB , only internal drive is option ..

have checked the USB tab and the USb is present ..

when installing SSLSTRIP only the internal option available .. it states installed .

when i click on link to start sslstrip , shows not installed with options to install internal or usb

choose usb and the loading logo starts at the top .. but never installs

any help appreciated


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I moved the topic to the correct forum.

Anyway, did you format your USB correctly? EXT4 is needed.

Writing to /usb/ when USB is not writable is bad. It CAN write into your flash (odd buggy behavior) and brick your device.

Now, this should not happen, probably will not happen but I am just warning you. Check if you can read/write from a computer and check the FS is EXT4.

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