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Well I recently picked up a like new and in perfectly working condition roomba vacuum cleaner for fifteen (15.00) dollars. I did my googling and cam up with the usual crap mods for it (software, etc) I dont really feel like opening the thing up at risk of breaking it and not being abole to sell it on ebay at exhorbitant profit. Anyone (metatron) have any ideas about what sort of things are actually possible with it. Im specifically wondering about what you would have to do to add sensors of your own to it (specialized IR tracking, servos, etc) What are your thoughts?

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Where on Earth did you find a working roomba for 15 dollars? I've wanted one of those for the longest time because I want to mount one of those usb-rocket launchers on the top, r/c control the thing with my cell phone and mount a small camera on the front. All to attack my flatmate with.

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Church garage sale near my house. It was orignally a whopping $20 US on the first day of the sale. Nobody realised what it was worth (except the pastor) and on the second day he accepted my offer of $15. Called me a crazy fool the first day for asking for it for ten bucks. :lol:

Being a kid has to help bit too. :lol:

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