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The Lmae Question Netbook Laptop Or Chrome Book


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If you need a laptop, and want real hardware, don't go with smaller netbooks. They are ok for specific things, like surfing the web or college students with office for taking notes and such, but over time, you'll miss the full size machine and horsepower, not to mention reading the screen on some 10inch netbook, becomes tiresome for lengthy periods of time and I can't stand reading on them. For myself, I won't buy anything under 15 inches and without at least 6GB of ram these days and full hardware, like a dvd burner and wired ethernet(most smaller netbooks are doing away with wired ethernet it seems). Especially since I want windows 7 pro on it, and I use most linux from virtual machines. I do have backtrack natively installed on my laptop, but would prefer to go back to windows and just run bt from a VM with a USB wifi dongle vs native install. For me, thats a personal choice.

If I had to go small netbook though, the Acer aspire one is half decent and will run backtrack(I bought one for my 6yr old and it does have both wired and wireless), but it has no CD-ROM drive built in. Most netbooks don't have them, so you'd have to boot off a thumb drive or sd card if capable from most netbooks in order to load another OS or live disk, or get an external USB cd/dvd drive to load off dvd. Latest backtrack is too large to fit on a CD alone, so you'd need an external DVD drive if you wanted to use the ISO, or a thumbdrive and unetbootin to make a live thumb drive version.

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