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Detecting Spyware


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It seems as though most of you are pretty tech savvy - I am not :( I suspect someone has put spyware on my computer/nexus/phone and I'm wondering how to find it? I upgraded my iphone to ios 6 so I think I'm good there. I did a factory reset on my nexus but it looks fairly easy and fast to put spyware on so it may happen again... I opened an email with a photo on my computer and I'm suspicious it may have contained a keylogger - I realize I sound totally paranoid but it wouldn't be the first time this person has done this. I did refresh to an earlier point in time but I'm still concerned. What can I look for on my computer. I have read that many are undetectable but there's got to be some way.

Am I correct that there is no remote install type spyware for androids or iphones?

Regarding the iphone...I used to jailbreak mine and stopped when I found out I had spyware on it. Got an entire new phone and started from scratch - I believe there is only a tethered jailbreak for 6.0 at this point but I'm sure the unteathered jailbreak for a 4S will be available at some point. Does anyone know how to detect Cydia if it's been hidden? Is there a way to tell if someone has jailbroken my phone if they try and hide it?

Thanks - I swear I'm not just a paranoid lunatic!! LOL

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For you Nexus phone, I would recommend Avast Mobile Security.


For your PC, I would also recommend Avast, plus SpyBot and MalwareByte.

That should keep you safe.

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thank you - will check them out. I run Kaspersky on my laptop - think that thwarts threats at all?

No doubt that Kaspersky is a very good software for combating threats. But you shouldn't rely on a single line of defense. You should always have more than one, to back you up.

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The iPhone is not safe... nor is any phone, in that matter (epecially Android). Just stay away from paying bills on your phone and try not to type any of your proprietary information. I know that cell phone platforms are one of the easiest to infect because of advertising practices and SMS crafting.

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