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My Mobile Hack Rig


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OK, here is my mobile hack rig. (well first part)

Its in an old power tool case (kinda stealthy, at least no overly obvious, but still a target for thieves)

I've used felt sheet (23 cents at my local Waly-world) as a base to velcro item in where I like. (Plan on adding a sheet to the back of the netbook too)

Used noodles/pipe insulators for spacers between layers. Cardboard for layer dividers

Open for comments/sugestions


mid layer



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That is very cool. Does the foam and the case interfere with your range? Perhaps punching holes and mounting your Alfa or whatever dbi antenna you may have so you can screw them on the fly. Maybe also purchase an arduino board and leds for purely aesthetic value... Nice rig all in all, though!

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Another question I can't believe I didn't ask... how well does it dissipate heat? Could you add a fan/liquid cooling system around the inside of the case? Just thinking of possible improvements.

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