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[Fixed][Bug] Mk4 Module Size Issue


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If a module is over 5MB give or take a MB it fails to create a tar.gz for submitting a module but the issue is installing a module over that size causes files or folders to not be created.

I am having this issue with my RandomRoll module and have added some good rolls for everyone to enjoy but can't.

I have re-uploaded the working 2.0 version to Seb so we can at least enjoy the older version.

a change in the module system to wget all the files individually from wifipineapple.com could work?

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The Infusion installer in 2.7.0 has been polished over. It will now not cause an error on very large modules (20mb+, hopefully no one will need that much space). It will also not allow USB installing when no USB is present. That was a bit of an issue.

While the front-end has not changed much, that will be taken care of soon too.

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